October 7, 2016

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Day Four began with an invocation by International Vice President Marcellus Barnes, who exhorted the delegates in both word and song to put their trust in God. In a reference to the slogan of the Republican nominee for U.S. president, Brother Barnes reminded the delegates that only God can make America or Canada great, and that ATU will continue to work toward that goal on behalf of the members of this Union, and working families everywhere.

The meeting began with a video recap of Day Three of the Convention.

For more information on Day Two of the 58th Convention, please click on the links below:

Day Four Daily Proceeding (PDF)



Day Three started with an invocation by Rev. Christina Yanko from the Toronto Buddhist Church.

The meeting began with a video recap of day two of the convention, followed by a special video message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. …

For more information on Day Two of the 58th Convention, please click on the links below:

Day Three Daily Video Recap (Watch Video)
Day Three Daily Proceeding (PDF)



Day Two started with an invocation by Rev. John Sullivan from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Toronto, ON. Father Sullivan spoke on the importance of not only believing, but in acting on one’s beliefs – particularly when no one’s looking.He reflected on the parable of the Good Samaritan saying that we must see the “other” as a child of God, and that our great task is to make sure that all people know through our words and actionsthat they are “beloved of God.”

The meeting began with a video presentation recapping a packed Day One followed by a report by the COPE Committee…

For more information on Day Two of the 58th Convention, please click on the links below:

Day Two Daily Video Recap (Watch Video)
Day Two Daily Proceeding (PDF)



An impressive “Presentation of the Colors” performed by the Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada, and singing of our national anthems by Band vocalist Danielle Bourre got the 58th International Convention off to a rousing start, as Temporary Chair and International Secretary-Treasurer (IST) Oscar Owens gaveled the proceedings to order Monday morning at Sheraton Centre Toronto.

The invocation was delivered by Reverend and Local President Fred Westbrook, 26-Detroit, MI, who recognized the significance of Monday’s celebration of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and its significance to ATU’s work, praying, “Let us be ‘One ATU.’”

The opening session was preceded by a welcoming reception on Sunday evening that took delegates and guests on a delicious tour of gourmet cuisines from around the world. First time delegates mingled with old hands, as long-time friends and family members warmly greeted each other once again.

Day One Daily Video Recap (Watch Video)
Day One Daily Proceeding (PDF)


September 30, 2016

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August 24, 2016

Average temperatures for Toronto in October are in the mid 50s and comfortable, but last October there was some early snow in Toronto. So be sure to check the weather forecast before you depart for the ATU Convention so you pack the properly.  You can get the latest weather forecast for Toronto here.